Do It Right

Do-it-yourself types tend not to want to spend money where they think they don't have to. So if a guy pulls apart his car, he might scoff at the thought of spending some of his hard earned budget on a replacement bolt kit, since he can always salvage the original stuff and fill in the blanks as needed, right? We say, if you take apart an old car that is anything less than mint to begin with, you ought to pony up for the repro bolt kit like the ones offered by Steves. These kits provide fasteners that not only function like the stock stuff, but also look just like original;BIG BONUS points with your buddies, it is restoration-quality stuff, after all. Everything in the kit is individually packaged and labeled with pages listed right from the build manual and when you're in the midst of trying to bolt the car back together, it's super sweet to be able to reach over and pick up a little baggie with exactly what you need. Get it done right!