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Though similar in size and style, Camaro differed from its main competition, the Ford Mustang, by offering a sub-frame attached to a unitized body for better road and noise isolation as well as better ride quality. There were a myriad of options and trim levels: from the "style" trim group, to the Rally Sport package; from the ultimate Super Sport to a special edition "Z28" which was developed as a contender for Trans-Am racing series. Because the series had a maximum displacement limit of 305 cubic inches, a special Chevrolet "small block V8" displacing 302 cubic inches was the engine powering the Z28. The 1967 Camaro offered purchasers a choice of 7 engines…from a 230 cubic inch in-line 6 to a "big-block" 396 cubic inch V8. Additionally, several dealers, such as Yenko and Berger, installed the 427 cubic inch engine for the ultimate in terms of muscle and performance. The Camaro would pace the 1967 Indianapolis 500. This distinctive pace car was painted Ermine White and featured a Bright Blue custom interior. A matching blue "bumble bee" stripe around the nose completed the look. Approximately 140+ replicas were produced making this pace car one of the most collectible - most valuable Camaros.
Production for the 1967 model year totaled 220,906.

The '68 Camaro retained a similar appearance to the ‘67; however there were some subtle differences: vent windows disappeared with the advent of "Astro ventilation." Side marker lights were added due to government regulations. The first production cloth trims were offered -- the now-famous hounds tooth cloth made its debut. A revised grille and tail lights made the Camaro distinctive from the '67 model. Camaro SS had two distinctive hoods available, one for the 350 engine, the other with the 396 engine.
A total of 235,147 Camaros were built for the ‘68 model year.

Camaro was given a make-over for 1969 with new sheet metal that gave the car a decidedly lower, wider stance -- hence the name "Hugger." Production started on September 26, 1968 and ended on February 26, 1970 -- effectively making (to some) the next Camaro a 1970-1/2. The options list grew as well as the color palette. A "halo" vinyl roof was an option that gave the Camaro a distinctive look all its own. For a second time, the Camaro paced the Indianapolis 500 -- a Dover White convertible with orange hounds tooth upholstery and the now-famous “Hugger Orange” stripes made this pace car memorable for years to come. Approximately 3,675 replicas were produced.
A grand total of 243,085 1969 Camaros were built.

source: https://history.gmheritagecenter.com/wiki/index.php/Some_Camaro_History


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