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Starting with a RS/SS and all the standards that the RS/SS equipment allowed.  Car & Driver set out to build a one-of-kind Camaro proving that a mere automobile can transcend the obvious device of transportation and become an experience.

Easily recognized by its Sunoco blue and Yellow Penske race team colors, the Z29 Blue Maxi spent nearly three months at the Penske facilities in Philadelphia where it was expertly fine-tuned and fitted with carefully chosen parts by the best- Roger Penske and Mark Donohue.  It is not known who actually laid the Sunoco blue paint finish to the coupe, but the blacked space (--) on the couwl plate paint code designation definitely denotes it was not a GM paint mix.

With their tremendous knowledge on the workings of the Camaro, Penske and Donohue prepared the Car & Driver had first envisioned.  To make it accomodate those fat 60 series Goodyear tires, the body required a slight fender clearance modification.  While the cowl inducted hood was factory, the fresh air intake system was modified so that cold air was inducted into the carburetor at all times.

The LT1 engine was a stroker 302 converted from a 350.  The conversion included a Z28 camshaft, intake manifold, carburetor and specially-built Stahl headers.  Initial road tests of themighty motor which would debut the Chevy line in 1970 were unsatisfactory.  The 370hp V8 was simply not as quick, nor would it stop when ordered-another problem that had not been anticipated.

Another trip to the Penske shop resulted in recalibration, timing advancement, and other precision adjustments.  These improved the 14.2 seconds at 100 mph down the track to 13.7 seconds at 104 mph. Braking adjustments made history- the third best ranked on record.  The Blue Maxi stopped in 200 feet
generating .97G!

source: Car&Driver August 1969
The 1969 Camaro Reference Book by John R. Hooper


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