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1. Disconnect battery cables. Remove battery hold-down and battery.
2. Remove front bumper.
3. Remove hood and hood hinge (two men). Scibe hinge location before removal.
4.Remove rocker panel molding and retainer, if so equipped.
5. Remove radiator support to fender brace.
6. Disconnect heater hoses from fender skirt retainer.
7. Remove bolts securing receiver-dehydrator to fender skirt.
8. Remove headlamp bezel and headlamp.
9. Remove battery tray.
10. Remove screws securing fender and skirt assembly to header panel, headlamp housing and valance panel.  Remove screw securing fender extension to valance panel.
11. Remove screws securing fender and skirt assembly to vehicle.  Make note of location and size of shims removed.
12. Raise fender and skit assembly, pushing forward slightly. Disconnect antenna lead-in from antenna base and move fender up and over evaporator and blower housing and away from vehicle for access to blower motor. Take care not to place stress on air conditioning hoses passing through the skirt opening. Remember the system is still charged and under pressure. Support fender on suitable stand as depicted in Figure 7.

13. Disconnect the blower motor and cooling hose.
14. Remove the motor attaching screws and remove motor.  Pry the flange gently if the sealer acts as an adhesive.
15. Remove the blower wheel retaining nut and separate blower and motor.

Reverse procedure on installation.  Take care, when reinstalling fender, not to pinch the air conditioning hoses between the frame and skirt.

source: Chevrolet Service News Volume 39  February, 1967, Number 2


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