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1. Remove steering column trim cover attached to the lower side of the column under the dash.
2. Loosen, but do not remove, two nuts (H) and nut (K) [or early produced Camaros this is a bolt].
3. Remove steering column toe pan trim and insulation material around the column to expose the steering column toe pan attachment plates (A & B) and seal (D).
4. Lossen, but do not remove, three screws (J).
5. Loosen two screws (C) and pull toe pan attachment plate (A) from the toe pan.
6. Check steering column to insure column is loose and can be moved in all directions.
7. Align steering column with steering gear shaft, move column in or out, setting flexible coupling clearance to dimension X, at 3/8 inch, and tighten two nuts (H) to 20 ft-lbs. torque.
8. Insert wedge (E) to the position requried to fill the gap-do not force the wedge beyond this point. Holding the wedge in this position, tighten one nut (K) to 20ft.-lbs. torque.
9. Push steering column toe pan attachment plates (A & B) to the toe pan. Seal (D) must be in position shown in View (B) against the column and tighten two screws (J*). Tighten two (2) screws (C) to 35 in.-lbs torque.
10. Loosen the two screws (J*) and shake the column in the area immediately above the cover so as to make certain the column position is not affected by the column to dash cover attachment. Tighten three screws (J) to 35 in.-lbs. torque and reinstall steering column toe pan trim and insulation material around the column.
11. Reinstall steering column trim comver to lower side of column under the dash.

source: Chevrolet Service News volume 39, February, 1967, Number 2


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