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The instrument panel harness has a new provision in the light switch wiring to facilitate the new safety standard that parking lamps will be 'On" whenever headlamps are on.  It also incorporates polarized or indexed connector cavities in the fuse panel to prevent improper instalation of connectors in the panel.  One basic fuse panel is common to all passenger cars. It has nine fused cavities and four connector cavities for increased capacity (Fig. 12-25).

Fusing has been rearranged to more evenly distribute the electrical loads.  The passenger car cluster is now fused separately and tailights are fused on a different fuse than the stop lamps and hazard switch.  This allows the rear lamps to function even if one of the real lamp fuses is blown.

The tabulation below summarizes the basic cicuitry.

The follwoing 1968 Accessory or RPO items obtain their power source by plugging into polarized receptacles in the face of the fuse panel:

The engine and generator & forward lamp harness are more positively engaged to the instrument panel harness (back of fuse panel) through the mating of the engine and generator & forward lamp connectors and an attachment bolt (se Fig. 12-25).

The circuit breaker amperage has been lowered from 40 amps (1967) to 30 amps (1967).  This will give added protection to power window, power top, and/or power seat motors and wiring.

Source: Chevrolet Service News Volume 39 September - October 1967  Number 9


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