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Camaros were available with a wide range of options, some of which were obscure, or simply not well documented, which cause them to be quite rare. Some examples: 

    * A67 Fold-Down Rear Seat - A common option on today's cars, but quite rare back then. Allows the back seat to fold down for more cargo carrying capacity. First-generation Camaros were notorious for unusually small trunks making this option useful for those that had to carry larger cargo than would fit in the trunk.

    * V75 Liquid Tire "Chain" - An option on '69 Camaros that provided a dispenser with nozzles located in the rear tire wheel wells that would spray a special traction-enhancing liquid on the rear tires to help traction on snow and ice. Quite rare.
    * JL8 4-Wheel Disc Brakes - Available on '69 high- performance Camaros. Installed mostly on Z-28 Camaros, but technically available on any model. 205 known to be produced. A similar Heavy-Duty Service Option disc-brake rear axle was available over-the-counter but differed from JL8 in the details.
    * Factory Headers - Available on Z-28 Camaros as a dealer-installed item. Supplied in 1967-68 from the factory in the trunk of the car for installation by the dealer.

    * U46 'Vigilite' Lamp Monitors - Special fiber-optic head and tail-lamp and directional signal monitors that allowed the driver to determine that all lights were working properly while sitting in the driver's seat.

    * L78 396ci - Iron-head 396ci 375HP big-block. 4-bolt main block (all other Camaro 396s were 2-bolt mains), 11.0:1 compression forged pistons, high-performance large-port heads, heavy duty rods, special solid- lifter camshaft, aluminum intake manifold, and special Holley carburetor. Available and rare all years, quite rare in '67 (1,138 made).

      * L89 Aluminum Head 396 - Available in '68 and '69. An addition to the L78 that replaced the iron heads with aluminum closed-chamber rectangular port heads. Very rare.
* U17 Tic-Toc-Tach: a dash-mounted tachometer that included a clock on the same dial face. While U17 was available all three years, the Tic-Toc-Tach version was only produced in 1968.
* AL4 Front Bench Seat - Optional front bench seat available in non-console cars (1967-68 only). Not available in convertible.
* Deluxe Houndstooth Interior - Deluxe door panels, with houndstooth cloth seat inserts.
* J52 Front disc brakes - Not very rare, but the 1967-68 calipers are 4-piston units and can be hard to find. The design was changed to a single-piston design in 1969.
* F41 Suspension - upgraded suspension components that allowed better cornering performance.

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