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Manual drum brakes on all four wheels were standard for all models except Z28. The power assist option was RPO J50 and the front disc brake option was RPO J52. Power assist was not required with the front disc brakes. Power front disc brakes required both J50 and J52 options. While SS neither included nor required front disc brakes, the J50/J52 combination was a mandatory option for Z28. The disc calipers were a 4-piston design used only in 67 and 68.

1967 included two one-year-only brake options. The RPO J65 metallic pad drum brake option added metallic brake shoes on all 4 drums. J65 was supposedly only available on 67 SS's but it has been observed on a few non-SS cars.

The RPO J56 heavy duty disc brake option was only available on 67 Z28's and was in addition to the required J50 and J52 options. It consisted of metallic disc brake pads with heat insulators on the caliper pistons and metallic rear drum linings. Both RPO J65 and J56 used the same metallic rear drum linings (and thus used the same metallic brake rear axle assemblies).


Manual drum brakes on all four wheels remained standard for all models except Z28. RPO J50 power assist remained a separate option for drum brakes, but RPO J52 front disc brakes now included RPO J50, and thus all 1968 disc brakes were also power disc brakes. While SS neither included nor required J52 front disc brakes, RPO J52 was a mandatory option for Z28. This was the last year for the 4-piston disc brake calipers used only in 67 and 68.


Manual drum brakes on all four wheels remained standard for base models, and RPO J50 power assist remained a separate option for drum brakes. RPO J52 power front disc brakes were now included in all SS models, and this RPO remained a mandatory option for Z28. The disc brakes in 1969 were redesigned to a single-piston caliper that replaced the more complicated and costly 4-piston design.

RPO JL8 4-Wheel Disc Brakes

To support the Z28 in Trans Am racing, a four-wheel disc brake system was released as over-the-counter (OTC) heavy-duty service parts in March of 1968. The system was adapted from the Corvette J56 heavy-duty brake package and included larger front and rear rotors (11 3/4" vs 11" for the production J52 rotor). Though included in the 1968 assembly manual and in the POP option field information, JL8 was not a 1968 production option. The inclusion in the 1968 documentation apparently was either in preparation for a proposed option release that never occurred, or as part of a subterfuge for convincing racing authorities that the 4WD brakes were a factory option and thus qualified for Trans Am racing use.

A modified version of the OTC system was released in 1969 for production as RPO JL8, 4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes. The option was only produced during a limited timeframe, from Feb 69 to May 69, and production was only 206 units. The JL8 option was available on any Camaro model; the cost was $500.30 for SS or Z28 models and $623.50 for non-SS non-Z28 models. Most JL8's were installed on Z28's, though some non-Z28 non-SS Camaros have been verified as receiving JL8!

Many of the disc-brake rear axles that survive are the HD service units, rather than JL8. There are easily identifiable physical differences between the JL8 and the service axles. See Wayne Guinn's book, Camaro Untold Secrets 1967-1969, for details on these differences and see the JL8 article on his website for more information on the option.

Note: Disc brakes required special wheels with a different centerline-to-attach-plane offset. See the wheels information for the relationship between brakes and wheels.

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