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The Similarities And Differences Between The Z28 And Z11 Indy Pace Car

The Z11 was only offered in a convertible and the Z28 was only offered in a hardtop. The only available color scheme for the Z11 was Dover White paint (50), Deluxe Orange Hounds tooth interior (720), Hugger Orange Z28 stripes, Hugger Orange pin striping, white convertible top (A), and optional Pace Car door decals. The Z28 came with any paint/interior combination offered. Engine options for the Z11 were the 396ci big block with optional horse power ratings, or 300 hp 350ci small block, while the Z28 was only available with a high performance 302ci small block. The Z28 came with a thermostatically controlled 772 fan clutch, and the Z11 had it standard on A/C models. A/C was an option on the Z11, but could not be ordered on the Z28.
 On the Z11 transmission options for the big block were Muncie 4 speeds, or TH400 auto. Muncie 4 speeds or TH350 auto trans were options behind the 350ci. Only Muncie 4 speed transmissions were available on the Z28. No automatics were available for the Z28. The Z28 and Z11 both came with a 12 bolt rear. However, the Z11 had a number of different gear ratios, both posi and non-posi to choose from. Where the Z28 came with either a 373 or 410 posi. The Z11 and Z28 were both equipped with standard dual exhaust. The Z11 came with 10 to 1 compression while the Z28 is 11 to 1. The Z11 has a hydraulic camshaft while the Z28 utilizes a .030 .030 solid lifter bump stick, except on the L-78 375hp 396, it came with a solid lifter cam and 11 to 1 compression. The Z11 and Z28 both came with J52 power front disc brakes utilizing the 9204 power brake booster and 309 master cylinder. The Z11 used standard pullies while the Z28 utilized deep groove pullies because of the high RPMs the 302 produced. The Z11 came standard with 14 inch YJ ralley wheels, while the Z28 came with 15 inch YH rallies. The ZL2 Special Ducted Hood, front and rear spoilers were standard equipment on the Z11, while they were options for the Z28. Later in the production year, spoilers became standard on the Z28. All Z11 Pace Cars were equipped with Z22 and Z27 RS/SS options while the Z28 could be purchased with the Z22 RS option. Remember, all RS models come standard with headlight washers.
 All the Indy Pace Cars I have seen personally have the 3932388 small block, although Pace Cars also came with 618 and 010 4 bolt main blocks. The 388 is unusual as it has the casting date on the back of the block, next to the block casting number, unlike the 618 and 010 blocks that have the date cast on the rear passenger side of the block. I have yet to see a real, documented big block car. All the big block cars I've seen were conversions passed off as original cars. The small blocks come with 441 heads sporting 1.94 intake valves. Small block Pace Cars came with a cast iron intake and Q-jet (7029202) carb utilizing a single 3/8 inch fuel line with 1/4 inch return line and a dual fuel filter system. The main filter is located just above the water pump while the secondary filter is located inside the carb at the fuel inlet nut. The Z28 came with an aluminum intake (472) and Holley 4053 DZ dual feed 780cfm carb fed by a single 3/8 inch line with a Y-block to feed each float bowl. All Z28s had AIR smog system while only the 4 speed Pace Cars were equipped with AIR. Cocktail Shakers (dampers) were installed in all four corners of all Camaro convertibles to help stiffen the body as well as a plate that was bolted to the bottom of the car in the center. Pace Cars with power convertible tops had an inline circuit breaker to protect the wiring. The Z11 had white rocker panels unlike the standard RS Camaros that had black rockers.

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