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The correct procedure for cross member removal is listed below. The information should supplement the procedures for Camaro Transmission Assembly Removal, 'either manual or automatic. which appear in the 1967 and 1968 Chassis Service Manual.  Remove the cross member as follows:

1. Disconnect exhaust pipe at manifold and lower.
2. Remove the transmission mount bolts. Raise the transmission off the cross member. Support transmission at this position.
3. Remove four (4) bolts securing cross member to frame.
4. Remove right rear (#3) body mount bolt.
5. Pry right rear portion of frame downward and insert a block of wood to maintain a gap between the frame and underbody at the recess location.
6. Lift right side of cross member into the gap created between the frame and underbody.  Rotate cross member to the right until it is clear of frame.  Drop right side of cross member below frame.  Move cross member to the right and remove from vehicle.
7. Continue with transmission removal.

Once the transmission has been reinstalled, install the crossmember by reversing the above procedure.  Retorque body mount bolt to 80ft. lbs.

source; Chevrolet Service News Volume 41 - March 1969 - Number 3

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