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"3/4 cam"; (pronounced "three quarter", not "three fourths". A "three fourths" cam would only work 12 of the 16 valves. This is one of those (bogus and vague) terms used in the old days for a high lift, long duration racing cam.
Basic V8 Camshaft

383"; a 350 block with a 400 crank

"700R4"; A good four speed automatic transmission for small blocks.


"4L60"; As far as I know, it's just a new name for the 700R4.

"balanced"; One of those over used and under defined terms. It could include items like matching the weights of the rods and also the pistons. Normally, it's used when talking about balancing the rotating mass, it other words, the crankshaft. What you will never hear is the accuracy of the balancing.

"Big Block"; Those big chevy engines. The factory engines range in displacement from 396 to 502. They are all (for the most part) the same size outside. Yes, you could make a 502 look like a 396.

"Blueprinted"; I really hate this term! It has to do with making the dimensions of the parts in the engine more accurate (and closer to the blueprint values). What you will almost never hear from the average joe is what values were used!

"BTDC"; before top dead center

"Bump Stick"; A camshaft.

"CFM"; This is a carburetor term and stands for "cubic feet per minute". It's the volume of air (over time) that the carburetor can pass. Bigger isn't always better!

"COPO"; Central Office Production Order. I wish that I could make up one!! It's an order to construct a non-standard car configuration.Another over used term
This is the lone "68 prototype built to test-fit all the '69 parts that follow

"coupe"; A hard topped car without frames around the door windows. A sedan has a frame that's mounted to the door. As an example, a 70 Chevelle is a "coupe", a 64 Chevelle is a sedan.

"front clip"; the front end sheet metal forward of the firewall. On a Camaro, this should include the fenders, hood, radiator core support, bumpers, etc.

L-numbers as near as I understand
"L34"; 360/350 hp 396

"L35"; 325 hp 396

"L36"; 385/390 hp 427

"L48"; 300HP/ 350cid

"L66"; 265 hp 396 with 2 bbl

"L68"; 400 hp 427 with 3 2 bbls (tri-power)

"L71"; 435 hp 427 with tri-power

"L72"; 425 hp 427

"L78"; 375 hp 396 (425 hp in 65 Corvette)

"L88"; 430 hp 427

"L89"; An L78 with aluminum. heads

"LS1"; 335 hp 427

"LS3"; 330 hp 402

"LS4"; 345 hp 454

"LS5"; 390 hp 454

"LS6"; 450 hp 454

"LS7"; 465 hp 454. It's a 454 version of the L88 that was designed for the 1970 Corvette, but was never released for production (in the car). It was (is?) available over the counter only.

"Protecto-plate"; Back in the Day, there was a stamped ID card that was attached to the warranty booklet that came with a new car. They had both the car information and also original owner's ID. If the card still exists, it's good for documenting the cars "numbers".

"powerglide"; The older two speed automatic transmissions Great for drag racing!!

"Small block"; The factory engines that range in size from 283 to 400. They are all the same size outside. Yes, it's possible to have a small block with more displacement than a big block.

"Speed Nuts"; Hey, we like Camaros, we must all be speed nuts. No, really, they are the nuts that hold on things like emblems. They are made from sheet steel and screw on a non-threaded stud shaft.

"Stroked"; This is when the piston stroke is increased over stock. It requires a modified (or different) crankshaft. The most common "stroked" engine is the 383. It's a combination of a 350 block with 400 crank. (the 400 crank requires minor modifications to the bearing surfaces)

"TDC"; top dead center

"TH350"; TurboHydromatic transmission. Three speed automatic. Good for most small blocks.

TH400"; TurboHydromatic transmission. Three speed automatic and strong as all get out. If you have tons of torque, this is the trans to use.

"tri power"; three carbs, normally 3 two barrel carbs

"VIN"; Vehicle Identification Number. It's the number that Chevy puts on your car and can be broken down to tell you what options were added. this is NOT THE PROTECTO PLATE!!

"Z-bar"; This is the clutch bell crank when running a manual transmission.

"Z16"; 375 hp 396 (1965 Chevelle only)

"ZL1"; same as L88 except for all alum. 427 block

"ZZ4"; 355 hp 350 Chevy crate motor