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Even with Old, Good wires this can happen to you!!!

AND BETTER THAN N.O.S. (new old stock)

Here's why:
Let's face it folks, auto makers never designed a wiring harness to last 30-50 years. As a matter of fact, your car's wiring was only designed to last 10 years before it deteriorates! There is ample documentation to substantiate this claim.

Your car's wiring was made of copper with a plastic insulation. The plastic insulation was porous. Contaminants, like oxygen, moisture and airborne pollutants, eventually pass through the insulation to attack the wire; a condition called oxidation. There is no practical way to completely seal off the circulation of air and moisture between the individual wire strands. Once the wire strands become oxidized, the internal resistance of the wire increases substantially. This is not a good thing for your car's electrical system.

If your wire has reached the next stage of deterioration by becoming brittle and cracked, it is in immediate need of replacement. At this stage, a short circuit to ground is eminent. In a worst case scenario, it can cause a fire.

Even if you are one of the few lucky enough to even find an N.O.S. wiring harness, these wire strands will have also deteriorated over time just by sitting on a shelf. For this reason, it would not be wise to purchase an N.O.S. harness.

The same corrosion factor happens to the wire's terminals over time.

Get rid of your car's electrical problems, or potential problems, by replacing all the wiring with new harnesses from
Steve's Camaro Parts
our Factory fit harnesses are made to exact factory specifications using the original factory blueprints. They are "correct" in every way with correct plugs. and you can easily replace your harness in just sections till its complete.

These wiring harnesses are necessary for:

·         Owners who want an authentically restored, show-quality vehicle

·         Those who want to replace their old original wiring

·         Or those who want to add original, factory-installed options

We stock all the harnesses you see in our online store built just like factory - ready to install.

We suggest replacement of switches also, because contacts do wear out.


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