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Transmissions for the Camaro included the 3-speed manual, 4-speed manual and Powerglide and Turbo Hyda-Matic automatics.  Base equipment with all 6-cyclinder and V-8 engines up to 350 cubic inches is the 3-speed manual unit, fully synchronized in all forward speeds. the 2.85:1 low gear ratio is used with 6-cylcinder engines. For the 327 and 350 cubic inch V-8's, the closer ratio 2.54:1 low gear transmission is standard equipment. A heavy-duty 3-speed manual transmission is available as an option for use with the 350 and 396 cubic inch V-8 engines.  For greater power train diversity, the 4-speed manual transmission is available, at extra cost, for 6-cyclinder modes as well as for V-8's. A heavier duty transmission is offered for the 396 and the new 350 cubic inch V-8 engines.  The Powerglide automatic transmission is available optionally with all engines up to 350 cubic inches.  Turbo Hydra-Matic is available exclusively with the 396 Turbo Jet V-8.

Shift controls for the standard 3-speed manual and automatic transmissions are located on the steering column. An option providing floor mounted controls and a console is available, except when the 3-speed manual unit is teamed with the 350 cubic inch V-8. Controls are floor mounted for the heavy duty 3-speed and all 4-speed manual transmissions, with the console an option.  For all manual transmissions with floor-mounted controls, the control assembly is attache to the partial frame rear cross-member, through an "L" shaped bracket, rather that the conventional transmission extension housing attachment,  for improved isolation from engine movement.

The Camaro features a one-piece balanced propeller shaft, with yoke and trunnion universal joints.

The Camaro rear axle has separate axle shaft tubes pressed and welded into a central cast differential carrier housing.  Standard gear ratios are designed for general purpose use, with optional economy, performance and special purpose ratios available.

Camaro clutch assemblies are the single dry-disc type with application force supplied by a diaphragm spring.

Source:  The Chevrolet Camaro
Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade

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