Steves Camaro Parts - 1967 Rear Axle

The Camaro heavy-duty axle is revised to incorporate spring pads for mounting the multi-leaf, heavy-duty springs, which utilize a "U" bolt and stud attachment. The pring leafs are contained at the mounting area by a channel bracket and mounting plate. Springs are isolated from the axle by rubber pads sanwiched between the channel bracket and spring pad and between top of spring pile and axle bracket.
Service procedures for determining the differential bearing preload have been revised to ensure a more accurate method of ascertaining the total shim thickness, insert Tool J22779 between left bearing cup and carrier (Fig 4-2); turn thumb screw to obtain a line-to-line contact-use a micrometer to determine thickness of Tool J-22779; install applicable service spacer and a suitable shim that in total are equal to the micrometer reading. Repeat gauging procedure for opposite side of carrier and add .008 inch (for preload) to the micrometer reading. Select applicable service spacer and one shim that in total equal the micrometer reading-install spacer and tap shim into position. By using Tool J-22779 to ascertain required shim stack, a more accurate preload and subsequently a quieter running axle is assured (Fig. 4-3)

Two new tools are released for use in gauging the pinion oil seal installed depth (Fig. 4-4). In past years the seal was installed depth (Fig. 4-4). In past years the seal was installed until it was seated on an internal shoulder or until a pre-determined distance remained between axle housing and seal flange. Since both of these procedures called fo rthe individual to determin the correct depth, if seal was seated or if seal was square in housing, the seal was often damaged or improperly installed. To prevent damage by overseating and to assure proper sealing, use gague J-22804-1 for heavy-dutyaxles and J-22804-2 for light duty axles. The pinion oil seal is of the new helix desing which proveds greater seal life and improved lubrication qualitites.

Since introduction of the Chevrolet Salisbury-type rear axle in 1963, several different real axle pinion gear depth determination gauge plates have been released. In an effor to standardize and to eliminate duplication, tow new gague plates are recommended for 1968 and prior model usage; J-6266-52 is recommended on all passenger axes with the ten-bolt axle cover attachment.

Source: Chevrolet Service News  Volume 39, September-October 1967 - Number 9
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