Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Camaro Rear Suspension History

The Camaro rear suspension consists of a Salisbury-type rear axle, direct double-acting shock absorbers and Mono-Plate springs shackled at the rear.  The comple suspension assembly is isolated from the body at ten different points.

Becaus of the relatively short wheelbase and the ever present need for space conservation, a shorter length Mono-Plate leaf was developed for Camaro.  Measuring 56 inches between eye centers, the new leaf is 2.5 pounds lighter thean the 62.5 inch spring used in the Chevy II.

A carefully controlled computer program, analyzing suspension reaction to bushing changes, was conducted.  The object was to gain as complete a body isolation as possible, while maintaing the exceptional supsension control planned for this vehicle.  As a result a prestressed single-piece rubber bushing of lower durometer is used at the spring front eyes, in place of the two-piece bushing used for Chevy II.  At the rear, two-piece bushings for the upper and lower shackle pins are retained, but they also are of lower durometer rubber. The soft mounting of the rear suspension gives excellent body isolation from driveline and road noises, being achieved without compromise to rear suspension control.

Further computer analysis indicated that changes in the traditional shock absorber arrangement would improve rear suspension action. By moving the shock absorbers outboard of the springs and mounting them nearly vertical, instead of the usual diagonal arrangment, the abiltiy of the wheels to more closely follow and maintain contact with wasboard road surfaces and during cornering was much improved.

To ensure the corect amount of rear suspension steer geometry, spring mounting pad locations were very carefully computer screened.

It was deemed desirable to have a faily large fuel tank for the Camaro line.  However, with the short rear overhang and the need for a muffler loction behind the rear axle, space was a premium.  Through the institution of another computer program it was determined that the rear springs could be splayed a sufficient amout to allow the necessary space with, once again, preservation of the high standards of suspension control set for the Camaro line.

by Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade
the Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Motor Div.
GM Corp.

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