Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Body History

In the Camaro, proven structural elements of Chevrolet separtate frame and integrated body-frame construction are combined to produce and all new low silhouette body.

A heavily ribbed reinforced underbody forms a sturdy foundation platform for the all-steel body structure.  At the rear, framing elements are integrated into the underbody to provide firm mounting for the rear suspension and axle. With this approach efficint use of metal members is achieved, while attaining good ride and road isolation.

Door pillars, rear end, and dash panels, including the "saddle bag" ventilation plenum chamber, are conventionally welded to each other and to the underbody.  "Crossbow" roof design is used and headers and roof side rails are welded to the lower body through box-section front and rear pillars. Rocker panels for the coupe model are glavanized for maximum corrosion resistance, while rocker panels for convertibles are of heavier gauge sheet to provide the added stiffness required by the open top structure.  With the heavier gauge sheet metal, galvanizing of the convertible rocker panels is not required.

Provisions are made in the toe pan area and under the front seat to attach the partial frame with rubber bisuit type body mounts, providing improved isolation of the front running gear from the body proper. side plenum chambers of the high-level ventilation system direct air and water to each rocker section, similar to the washed-dried rocker arrangement of other Chevrolet car lines.

Curved side window glass complements styling, contributing to the rear silhouette contour look.  Windshild and rear window glass are cemeted in the body openings to give an excellent seal.

by Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade
the Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Motor Div.
GM Corp.

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