Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Camaro Styling History Part 5

Two distinctively different front end treatments were available to the Camaro buyer as part of the opportunity to tailor the vehicle to the buyers preferences. In the standard car, single exposed circular headlights are located at the extremes of a "jet engine" nose opening, accented by the sharp definition and depth of the full-width black grille.  Circular parking lights, postioned just inboard of the headlights, contribute to the very "business-like" shape.

A completely different second radiator grille features concealed headlights.  here the black deeply sectioned rectangular lattice extends the full width of the openign, uninterrupted by lights.

The headlights are concealed behind electrically operated doors that fully integrate with the grille in the closed position. Rectrangular parking signal lights are located in the valance panel.

The concealed headlights are part of an optional "RS" or Rally Sport package, which also includes a distinctive side treatment make up of paint stripes and bright moldings and specific real lamp treatment.  "RS" emblems throughout the car further indentify the option.

SS signifies a third Camaro variation, the performance machine of the line combining distinguishing appearance and extra-duty chassis components with either a 350 cubic inch V-8 engine available exclusively for the car or the 396 cubic inch V-8 engine.

At the front of the car, a special hood with raised central area and simulated louvers, an "SS" grille emblem, and a wide " bumblebee" paint band around the front panel and fender nose indentify the engine options. "SS" letters on the front fender and an "SS" emblem on a special gas filler cap provide side and rear indentification.  An "SS" horn buttor cap is added to the interior.

In addition to the larger displacement engine, and specific chassis equipment, wide oval nylon red strip tires are part of the package.

The "RS" and "SS" options can be combined for still another apperarance.

More to come in the next blog.

by Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade
the Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Motor Div.
GM Corp.

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