Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Camaro Styling History Part 1

Camaro styling began, as it does for all new cars, with dreaming and sketching; a great deal of ceiling gazing and a great many artist's drawings.

Ideas from everywehere, from past and current cars to the "way-out" futuristic were considered, mulled  over, and drawn from every angle by Styling.  However, before commitment to a firm styling approach, a more pratical design determination was made - that of the passenger envelope.  Since the basic specification of the Camaro prescribed a four passenger vehicle, the dimensions of such a seating package were developed to meet anthropometric, comfort and operational standards.

Essential spartial requirements of the primary passenger carrying function were worked out, first on paper and then in a full size buck.  As  the three dimensional passenger package took a definite firm direction, it was married with the developing styling theme.  A full size clay model of the more promising ideas was sculptured.  Many approaches to the front, side, rear, and green house areas were tried, then rejected or tentatively approved. As the general beauty surfaces were developed and approved, more an dmore attention was focused on details.  Various front grille and headlamp treatments were tried along with similar rear lamp details.  As the more promising considerations were accepted, the clay model began to appear more and more as it would be offered to the customer.  This process continued through consultation after constultation with design, production, and research engineers; manufacturing specialists; and sales representatives, until the model acquired a polish and detail that would deceive the uninformed eye as to how much of a real car it is.

More to come in the next blog.

by Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade
the Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Motor Div.
GM Corp.


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