Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Interesting Camaro Background Facts

A 2-door Sport Coupe and a 2-door Convertible make up the Camaro Line. With front bucket seats and bench type rear seat as standard equipment, both models are rated as 4-passenger vehicles.  The overall lenght is 184.7 inches on a wheelbase of 108 inches.  This new car is proportioned in a long low silhouette featuring a long hood line and a relatively short rear deck. These proportions are attained by shifitng the wheelbase to give a long 36.6 inch front overhang and a relatively short rear projection. In a similar manner, the instrument panel, cowl, and front seats are positioned more to the rear than in the other Chevrolet car lines, except Corvette.

The mechanical equipment of the car is conventionally arranged with front mounted engine and rear wheel drive.  Body-frame and isolated separate frame construction are combined in a practical new approach for a car of this size, to give the stipulated ride quality and manufacturing flexibility. The Camaro is, in effect, divided into four major construction groups:

  • Bolted-on front end sheetmetal
  • Unitized body construction with the rear framing elements incorporated into the underbody
  • Driveline, solid driving rear axle and single leaf rear suspension conbinded into a simple and efficient Hotchkiss drive system
  • A front chassis unit consisting of the engine, transmission, front suspension, front brakes, and steering gear and linkage mounted on a separate, extended rail partial front frame.

Source The Chevrolet Camaro January 9-13, 1967 Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade

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