Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Interesting Camaro Background

Chevrolet started the car's final design in late 1964. The following were the defining terms and were the baselines on the Camaro's design.

Chevrolet derived these terms from the buying public and they were right:

  • Distinctively modern aerodynamic styling for a clean functional appearance
  • Small, highly maneuverable size with packaging for four passengers
  • A very broad range of available performance capability
  • Quick, sharply defined roadabiltiy with a firm, yet comfortable ride
  • "Cockpit-type" interiors for close drive identification
  • An evolutionary, rather thea revolutionary, basic design approach to maintain maximum value to the customer
  • Wide selection of mechanical and appearance equipment to allow customer tailoring to his/her needs and desires.
Translating the broad definitive guidelines into specific design parameters became the next step:

  1. Four passenger packaging in a low silhouette where tunnel requirements do not impose severe spatial restrictions.
  2. Long hood-short deck styling on a short wheelbase with the passenger envelope placed more to the rear.
  3. Use of conventionally arranged and readily available powerplants and drivelines to include the following;
    1. A full range of engines from currently used engine families
    2. Standardized manual and automatic transmissions with column and floor shift controls
    3. Solid driving rear axle with full complement of ratios from economy to performance combinations
  4. Conventional but compatible chassis design that would;
    1. Have sharply defined, sports feeling roadabiltiy and maneuverabiltiy
    2. Have superior ride quaility for a vehicle of this type with improved road, engine and driveline isolation
  5. Full complement of optional comfort and convenience equipment to be available
  6. Full range of "dress-up" interior and exterior packages to allow the customer to tailor the appearance as well as the performance of his/her Camaro
  7. The complete car design eo embody all traditional Chevrolet safety, convenience, maintenance and serviceabiltiy features
  8. To be offered at competitive prices
Source The Chevrolet Camaro January 9-13, 1967 Donald H. McPherson, Charles M. Rubly, and Victor D. Valade

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