Steve's Camaro Parts - 1967 Camaro Paint Codes

Thought you might enjoy looking at the original paint codes




These codes are listed on the Cowl Tag and break down as listed below.
Note: The first letter indicates the lower body color, the second letter indicates the top color.
1 is a white vinyl or convertible top.
2 is a black vinyl or convertible top.
eg: D2 = Nantucket blue with a black top.

     COLOR NAME                          PAINT JOB NO.

     Tuxedo Black                                    AA
     Provincial White                                CC
     Nantucket Blue Met.                             DD
     Deepwater Blue Met.                             EE
     Marina Blue Met.                                FF
     Granada Gold Met.                               GG
     Mountain Green Met.                             HH
     Verde Green Met.                                JJ
     Emerald Turquoise Met.                          KK
     Tahoe Turquoise Met.                            LL
     Plum Mist Met.                                  MM
     Madeira Maroon Met.                             NN
     Silverglaze Met.                                PP
     Bolero Red                                      RR
     Sierra Fawn Met.                                SS
     Capri Cream                                     TT
     Antique Pewter Met.                             VV
     Butternut Yellow                                YY

The  two letters represent Lower and Upper body color. 1967 Camaro Paint Codes

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