Steve's Camaro Parts - 1968 Fun Facts

Chassis and Mechanical Features
  • Body-frame - Unitized all-welded steel body construction with a separate front rubber-mounted frame section that provides extra strength and support.
  • Body Construction - Rugged body components are used throughout to increase strength and rigidity. Cross-braced bow-like members in the sport coupe roof add firm support, while the convertible has rocker panels of heavier gauge steel to lend extra stiffness to the convertible design.
  • Body Protection - Camaro is built with an eye to long, long life. Galvanized members are used along with other rust preventive materials. We even go so far as to put fenders inside the outer fenders to shield against corrosion from salt, slush, snow and ice. Rocker panels are the flush-and-dry design. Rain and snow water entering the vents at cowl level wash out the rocker panel while incoming air dries it.
  • Roadability and Suspension - Camaro rests on a 108-inch wheelbase with 59.0-inch tread front and 58.9-inch rear-wide stance for flat, level cornering and solid going on the straightaway. A combination of independent coil spring suspension up front and Mono-Plate single leaf springs at the rear provide just the right balance between smoothness and firmness. Special multi-leaf rear springs with extra-cost V8s (with 4-speed transmission only with 275-hp 327 V8). Bias-mounted rear shock absorbers offer improved suspension control.
  • Brakes--Safety-Master - self-adjusting brakes give you a full 168.9 square inches of bonded lining area. Brakes have dual master cylinder with warning light on instrument panel. Rayon-reinforced front and rear brake hoses. All brake lines are corrosion-resistant. Parking brake is foot-operated with fingertip release.
  • Exhaust System - Highly corrosion-resistant for long life. Exhaust emission control system is standard equipment.
  • Electrical System - 12-volt system. Delcotron diode-rectified generator with 9-37-ampere rating is standard.
  • Steering - Recirculating ball-race steering for easiest handling. Ratios: manual, 28.3:1; power, 17:1. Also available is low-ratio steering: manual, 21.6:1; power, 15.6:1.

Power Trains
    Standard Engines--
  • 140-hp Turbo-Thrift 230 Six.Smooth, effortless performance along with a decidedly modest appetite for regular-grade fuel. Single-barrel carburetor, hydraulic valve lifters and single exhaust system. Seven-main-bearing crankshaft.
  • 210-hp Turbo-Fire 327 V8. A perky V8 that will please you with its economy. Its 327-cubic-inch displacement and two-barrel carburetion give it the stamina for all kinds of duty. Compression ratio, 8.75:1, general performance camshaft and hydraulic lifters. A 61-ampere-hour battery and single exhuast. Uses regular-grade fuel. Extra-Cost Engines--

  • 155-hp Turbo-Thrift 250 Six. Here's a bigger 6-cylinder engine that's excellent for runabout service. Cubic-inch displacement: 250. Single-barrel carburetor, hydraulic valve lifters and single exhaust. Fully counterbalanced seven-main-bearing crankshaft. Uses regular-grade fuel.
  • 275-hp Turbo-Fire 327 V8. Ideally suited to higher performance requirements. Four-barrel carburetor, 327 cubes and a 10.0:1 compression ratio. Single exhaust standard.
  • 295-hp Turbo-Fire 350 V8. One of two Camaro SS engines available. You can judge its credentials by the fact that it powers the SS. A 350-cubic-inch V8, it checks in with a compression ratio of 10.25:1, 4-barrel carburetor, hydraulic valve lifters, dual exhausts and resonators.
  • 325-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8. Tops in the Camaro stable. Unique feature: "porcupine" cylinder heads that improve engine breathing and combustion. Four-barrel carburetor, 10.25:1 compression ratio, general performance camshaft, hydraulic valve lifters and dual exhausts with resonators. Standard Transmission--

  • 3-Speed fully synchronized. Standard with all engines except 325-hp V8 (see below). Fully synchronized in all forward gears. Shift lever is column mounted unless floor-mount shift is specified. Extra-Cost Transmission--

  • Special 3-Speed fully synchronized. (Camaro SS only). Floor mounted in a snug rubber boot for real shifting fun. Must be specified with 325-hp Turbo-Jet 396 V8 if you order a 3-Speed manual transmission. Offers closer ratios to take advantage of bigger V8 output. (Available with console).
  • 4-Speed fully synchronized. Floor-mounted and available with all Camaro engines. Available also with console. Tailor-made for the real car buff. Shift pattern is debossed on the control knob. Ratios matched to engine.
  • Powerglide Automatic. Available with all engines except 325-hp V8. Consists of a three-element torque converter and geared drive for a magnificent blend of smoothness and responsiveness. Steering column mounted unless floor-mount is specified, with or without console.
  • Clutch. Single dry disc diaphragm spring type. Conventional roof and linkage connects suspended pedal to actuating fork. Size and capacity matched to engine choice.
  • Propeller shaft and rear axle. One-piece balanced propeller shaft, attached at transmission and differential through universal joints. Rear axle ratio matched to power teams
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