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The Camaro was introduced by Chevrolet to compete with Ford's Mustang. By 1969, new interior and exterior renovations had been made in the Camaro, ensuring its place as the highest volume selling first generation Camaro, with 243,085 cars sold according to Firstgencamaro.com. The 1969 Camaro is known for its sleek design and horsepower. One of the most popular versions of the 1969 Camaro was the Z/28, or RPO Z28 Camaro Special Performance Package, which had a top speed of 120 miles an hour.
  1. Engines

    • The 1969 Camaro base engine was a 327 cubic inch V8 small block. A slower 230 cubic inch V6 version was also available.


    • Components introduced for the 1969 Camaro included new exterior sheet metal, flattened wheel wells and a new grill design. Variable-ratio steering, which means when the steering wheel turns the wheels turn progressively more until they lock, was also introduced on the 1969 version of the Camaro.


    • The 1969 Camaro was 186 inches long with a 108-inch wheelbase chassis.


    • Headlight washers, which operated by vacuum like windshield wipers, were a feature only offered on the 1969 Camaro.

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