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Underhood Details
Have you seen some really good looking cars,with shiny new paint and interiors, at shows and cruise ins. But why is the hood closed? pop the hood, you instantly see why. The engine and underhood compartment look every bit of 20-30 years old. Dirt and grease, rust, faded and flaking paint. Sound familiar? Want to do something about it? Youll have to invest in some time and work, but the results will be worth it. Youll no longer have to keep the hood closed, as a matter of fact, youll proudly have that hood up, for all to see. Lets get started.
The first order of business is to get the engine and engine compartment as clean and as free of dirt and grease as possible. A good product to use for this is some purple stuff called SuperClean, by Castrol.This product, plus a high pressure washer will really help get it clean. Now youre ready to pull the engine to get the best results. It really is easier to do this job right if you pull the engine, but satisfactory results can be had if you take off all the accessories and leave it in
Here are the basic colors in the compartment

* frame and upper/lower control arms and upper shafts-semigloss black
* front coil springs-gloss black or natural(better detail contrast)
* firewall, inner fenders, radiator support-semigloss black
* radiator and fan-gloss black
* fan clutch-natural aluminum
* radiator shroud-natural black plastic or gloss black
* steering box-natural cast iron gray
* steering linkage-natural steel
* front sway bar-natural cast iron gray
* heater or AC housing-semigloss black
* hood hinges, latch, catch and springs- gray phosphate plated
* brackets and steel pulleys-semi gloss or gloss black(gloss gives more detail contrast)
* cast iron pulleys- natural cast iron
* master cylinder- natural cast iron(some use gloss black)
* brake booster-gold cadmium plated(master cylinder lid also)
* windshield wiper motor-gloss black
* alternator- natural aluminum
* power steering pump-gloss black
* AC compressor-semigloss black
* steering column shaft-natural steel
* horns- gloss black
* coil- gloss black
* voltage regulator-gloss black
* distributor- natural aluminum with gloss black cap
* fuel and brake lines-natural steel
* transmission-natural aluminum
* bellhousing-natural aluminum
* transmission support- semigloss black
* driveshaft- natural steel
* rear axle-semigloss black
* rear swaybar-semigloss black
* rear coil springs-gloss black
* rear control arms-semigloss black
* gas tank-natural steel(shiny)
* gas tank straps-gloss black
* parking brake cables-natural steel
you should be looking pretty good.

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